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India is one of the world’s largest democracy . It is committed to the socio-economic development of its citizens. The country is known for its robust Five Year plans which aims at comprehensive development. It has successfully completed 10 five year plans and currently is in the 11th plan period. The mandate for development is huge and so are the policies and programs . With the ushering in of the ICT technology at the Central level and the State level monitoring systems have been created through the creation of Management Information System (MIS). The citizens are able to access the information globally through internet connections. But these systems are yet to percolate to the District, Block and Panchayat levels.

Myriad policies , programs and schemes are introduced for infrastructure development, education, health, livelihood, agriculture and allied sectors. How these are translated into action at the ground level ? How accountable and transparent are the systems and mechanisms ? How the end beneficiary at the village level will understand what are the programs which are allotted to his/her village ? What are his entitlements and rights ? What are the financial allocations ? Has the program reached its intended beneficiaries ? 

Information is the key to development . This portal aims to bring in accessibility to the information, accountability and transparency with the participation of the community, PRI, government officials and the general public.

If public wants access to the various policies enacted, programs envisaged, finances allocated there is no one stop information access where easily all such information could be gathered. Even if the information is forthcoming, it is limited to the Central and State levels. At the district , block and panchayat levels desegregated information are not available. Central Government has various programs being implemented at the district level. Similarly the State specific initiatives are also implemented at the district level. Some of the programs are exclusive, some are convergent with Central and State sharing of resources. With every new Plan period , assessment of the previous initiatives are made and suitable amendments are made to the continuing programs . 

The portal of Latehar district is an attempt to bridge these gaps and enable the netizens to get as much information as possible through this site and the supported hyper links. 


Policies , programs and Planning is at one level , implementation of the same is at another level which is a major task. Majority of the time, execution of the programs is a stupendous task . Clarity is lacking among the personnel at the ground level who actually implement the programs. There is a rush in execution of the programs at the fag end of the financial year merely to complete the targets missing the qualitative approach. There is also lack of clarity among the PRI’s and ground level officials about the programs and the financial allocations. Unfortunately most of the time , the plan period allocation resources are not spent on time and forced to refund the resources to the central government. This is happening due to inappropriate planning on utilisation of the resources. 

The portal will aim primarily to educate the community on :

What are the policies , plans and programs for the district ?

What are the decentralised plans made at the district level for implementation of the programs ?

In accordance to the plan what are the programs implemented at the block and the panchayat level?

The role of the various line departments and who are the concerned officials who are responsible for execution of the programs ?

The progress reports of the various programs emanating from the panchayat level .

Who are the key functionaries of the various departments from the district, block and panchayat level ?

What are their key functions ?

How they can be contacted ?

At the panchayat level the Common Service centers (CSC/ Pragya Kendra ) will be the key contact point for common public to access information through the internet of the Pragya Kendra.



The think tank behind this initiative has been the DC of Latehar district – Shri Rahul Purwar whose dynamism, quest for innovation, bringing about transparency and to enable the Latehar community to have access to all government initiatives taking place at the district to the village level.

Alternative For India Development (AID) is a national level NGO involved in grass roots development with micro and macro perspectives. The team behind the organisation has long experience working in the development sector for the past three decades. Vikalp Multimedia (VMM) is sister concern of AID, it is a special purpose company floated for purpose of implementing Pragya Kendras . In the Palamu Zone of Jharkhand consisting of the districts of Latehar,Palamu and Garwah, VMM is responsible as the Service Center Agency (SCA) for setting up and providing government services, banking services, business enterprises through 600 CSC /Pragya kendras in the region.

Shri .Ravi Kumar is the founder of AID involved in the national and international development initiatives for the past 35 years. Though living overseas , his heart and soul always strives for development initiatives in India for E-governance for good governance, transparency and accountability and effective for public service with specific reference to Jharkhand. He is the architect of the web portal design which emerged after intensive research of various portal and web sites of Central ,state governments and corporate sectors and good practice around the world

Dr.Sunanda K.S. Chairperson of AID and Dr.K.T.Arasu Director of AID have been in the sector of rural development for the past 25 years and specialise in development research , policy analysis , macro and micro studies of development initiatives and content development . They have been involved in various research initiatives and with reference to the web portal development, took up intensive research on the various policies and programs of the central and the state government.

This initiative would have been incomplete without the active participation of volunteers from overseas, VLE’s at the panchayat level, staff of AID and VMM and all the government district department staff. The ground teams of AID and VMM at Latehar, Ranchi have been involved as the key link for the supply chain of the information without which it would not be possible to make this initiative into a reality…

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