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Shri Rahul Purwar (IAS)
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Who we are


The Department of Planning and Development (DPD)
has been functioning in the Latehar District under the Deputy Commissioner’s office. It is one of the Line Departments in the District which is exclusively dealing with the plan related tasks and works. DPO is created to professionalise the planning process at the district level, who, are linked with the Department of Planning and Development at the State level.




DPD is relatively, a young Department, comparing other line departments, which have long history. This Department was created through the backing of Planning Commission, Government of India to boost the planning process at the district level through  collecting vital data /statistics, analysis of it and to evolve district specific plan as per needs of the district. DPD is also set up to provide short term and long term and convergent and integrated planning perspectives and practices through inter-sectoral co-operation and collaboration. In other words, DPD adds greater planning values to the district.

What we do



The DPD was created to co-ordinate all district plan related works/tasks in the district of Latehar. DPO is also responsible for all the district level plans including integrated district plan. It is the nodal department for the implementation and monitoring of plan schemes of the district. This office also services the District Planning Committee (DPC) of Latehar. The details of what we do are given below.

    • To convene meetings of the District Planning Committee (DPC) and to pursue the recommendations of such meetings with the concerned Departments of the district, State and other agencies;
    • To prepare District Annual Plans for the districts and to place the same before the DPC for consideration before submission to Government;
    • To monitor the implementation of various plan schemes in the districts in general, to identify the limiting factors in the implementation of plan schemes and to place the matter before the District Planning Boards and State Government with specific suggestions for ensuring speedy and efficient implementation of plan schemes;
    • Develop integrated and convergent plan for the district with the participation of line departments and DPC
    • To compile and consolidate quarterly progress reports of district-level plan schemes hitherto done by the District Statistical Officers, to place such consolidated reports before the DPC for review and then to finalise the consolidated quarterly progress reports of such district-level plan schemes for submission to Government each quarter. Quarterly progress reports may be obtained from the District Heads of Development Departments, who may also furnish such other information and materials as may be necessary for compilation of the reports;
    • Facilitate the elected panchayats to engage in grassroots, block and district level planning and to evolve local plans as per the needs of the district and to forward it for approval of the DPC.
    • To take up such other activities as may be assigned to them from time to time by the DPC or by the Government;
    • To perform all other functions as assigned to them by Government; and
    • To ensure co-ordination among all the District heads of Development in the formulation and implementation of plan schemes.
    • Promote district Human Development Plan with the participation of the panchayats, various line departments and elected panchayats.

    Who is the heading the DPD?



    DPD is headed by District Planning Officer (DPO) appointed by the Jharkhand Planning and Development Department. At present Mr.Mahesh Bhagat  is the District Planning Officer of Latehar. The district officer is technically trained to evolve/develop short term, medium and long term plans linking the district.
    At the district level, the DPO is accountable to Deputy Commissioner (DC) and Department of Planning and Development of Ranchi. They get technical support and advice from the State Department. The State Department of Planning and Development is linked with the Planning Commission of India.

    What is District Planning Committee (DPC)?



    • Article 243 ZD of the Constitution of India mandates the setting up of District Planning Committee (DPC) in every state. The DPC is intended to consolidate the plans prepared by the panchayats and municipalities in the district and to prepare the draft development plan for the entire district.

      The DPC is constituted in the District and is housing DPC. The DPC consists of a Chairperson, one or two Vice-Chairperson and 5-6 Members. The Chairperson is the head of the DPC. Deputy Commissioners of the concerned District are the Vice Chairperson(s). It also includes MLAs of the concerned District. It has a Member Secretary. The function of the DPC is to co-ordinate, monitor and review the implementation of District Plans & Programmes. It makes recommendations, projection of local needs and fixing priority within the objectives of District, State and National Plan


    What DPC does?


    • Take stock of the natural and human resources of the district as well as the level and pattern of development and exploitation of these resources.
    • Projection of local needs and aspirations and translating them into schemes and programmes and fixing priorities within the objectives of the District and State plan.
    • Formulation of District development plans.
    • Co-ordination in the implementation of District Plans and programmes.
    • Monitoring and review of the implementation of district plans and programmes.
    • Take up such other studies and functions as may be assigned to it from time to time and such to make suitable recommendation to the State Government.
    • Make recommendation with a view to ensuring co-ordination in the matter of planning in the State.


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