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Block (cluster of panchayats) is the middle tier of governance in between the district and panchayat. Block is also the nodal point of governance of various government services at the intermediary level of the district. It is mainly responsible for initiation and implementation of various development programmes.

The Block Development Officer (BDO) heads each development block. He is assisted by various middle-level service support personnel linking a range of line departments of the government such as education, health, rural development, women and child development, agriculture, labour, co-operation etc. The BDO is the co-ordinating officer for several development programmes. In other words, BDO is the linchpin linking citizen at the panchayat / village level and district level line departments.  

The Block also represents the cluster level democracy for a group of defined panchayat clusters. Due to the non-constitution of Block panchayats legally the cluster level democratic forums are not in place. However, the government services are being implemented by the intermediary official body through the BDO. Being a democratic set up, it is imperative for the government to put in the public domain its block-level (cluster panchayat structure) services to ensure greater transparency and openness in governance.  

Citizens in the cluster of panchayats have the right to know and understand fully the breadth government services. It is also obligatory on the part of the government to make the governance system transparent and open to citizen by placing various official services in the public domain. Good governance and government, calls for greater degree of openness so citizens can have full access and right to know various government schemes.


Lathear District Official Website

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