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Who we are


The Department of Treasuries has been created to facilitate easy financial transactions with regard to major functions such as receipt of government money and payments on behalf of the government. This Department is also dealing with pension payments, sale of stamps through vendors, district wise compilation of government accounts, safe custody of valuables and maintenance of accounts for local fund.  Besides this, this department is submitting monthly accounts, preparing pension statements and monitoring budget provision at the district level. This department is therefore created to keep all government money at the district level and to regulate all the government payments.



District Treasury’ is a repository of district funds or public money. Treasury is created to deposit government money and to disburse eligible claims it to various line departments and authorised parties.

Treasury was created to control and regulate the payment of government money. The e-treasury/computerisation initiatives have brought greater visibility of transactions and convenient approach to records of public money distribution in Jharkhand.

The computerization of District Treasury was done in a phased manner. It has helped to streamline the functions between the different offices in the Department, reduce paper work to facilitate faster, efficient effective working and usher transparency in financial administration by simplifying the accounting process. It has enabled a swifter and smoother transition to e-governance

The process of computerization of accounts with the help of software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) covered all the District Treasuries and sub treasuries, Pay & Accounts Offices and Pension Pay Offices. Another innovative section of the practice has been an adoption of the electronic clearing systems ( ECS) which enabled the transition to a single window administration where people do not have to needlessly queue up to receive their salaries, pensions etc. All activities are performed electronically. The only pre-requisite condition to availing this ECS facility is that pensioners had to compulsorily open a bank account. With the application of software developed by NIC, the Pensions and Pay Office is able to generate monthly bankwise and branch-wise details for direct pension payment.

What we do


Through the Treasury Department, we do the following functions.

  1. Receipt of Bills, cheques and challans both from Government  Offices as well as private parties and passing thereof after due scrutiny.
  2. Refund of Revenue under various heads such as Revenue Deposit, Security Deposit, Civil and Criminal court deposits and Sale Tax deposits etc.
  3. Payment of pension and other retirement benefits to retired employees of State Government and Freedom Fighters etc.
  4. Custody and sale of Non-Judicial and Judicial stamp papers to authorised Stamp vendors and public.
  5. Safe-Custody of duplicate keys and other valuables of different Government  Offices.
  6. Issue of Cheque Books and Receipt Books to works.
  7. Maintenance of Personal Ledger, accounts of various administrators.
  8. Issue of Certified Treasury Receipts and Certified Treasury Issue.
  9. Accounts of Government employees.
  10. Consolidation and compilation of Treasury Accounts of the whole district and its submission to State Treasuries/Accountant General .
  11. Inspection of Sub-Treasuries of the District.
  12. Disposal of Government   Promissory Notes.

How do we do?


  • All kinds of deposits payable to Government Department  should be deposited through Treasury Challan. The challans form is available at the Treasury free of cost.  
  • Money can be drawn from the Treasury by presenting bills through Book of Drawal by the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer. While claims relating to Government  Offices can be drawn through the authorised agent of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer (D.D.O.). The claim payable to the private parties can be drawn by endorsing the bill to the private parties.
  • For claiming money from the treasury, sanction order from competent authority is essential for drawal of government money
  • For claiming pension, the concerned Government servant is required to submit the relevant form and documents from his Head of Office/appointing authority for sanction of Pension, Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity/Commuted value of Pension.
  • Computerization of treasuries in Jharkhand has not only ensured an efficient financial management, but has also eliminated the possibility of forged withdrawals.
  • All treasuries and sub-treasuries are computerized and connected to JHARNET (Jharkhand State Information & Communication). All banks which conduct business of the treasuries are also linked with the state data centre and the treasuries concerned with high speed leased lines.
  • The details of every bill passed in any of the treasuries are made available to the state headquarters and the banks immediately eliminating long process of bill processing and realisation,
  • The system not only record withdrawals, but also generates revenue-based data. The system can send alarms on overdraws and has been a great tool in bringing about fiscal discipline.
  • Lodging of grievances and application for information under the Right to Information Act can also be done online.
  • Government of has been following KUBER - Integrated Treasury Computerization of Jharkhand.  The web link for KUBER is given below: http://jharkhand.gov.in/treasury.html

 Structure  and persons responsible


The Treasury code provides for one District Treasury in each district headed by the Treasury Officer under the administrative control of the Collector. Mr.Taburas Karketta is the District Treasury Officer of Latehar. There are also Sub-Treasuries headed by the Sub-Treasury officers under the administrative control of the Treasury officer of the District.





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