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Who we are


Transport is Department  is dealing with the registration, licensing, renewal of two, three and four wheeler vehicles. Transport Department is the legal custodian of implementation of Transport related laws and rules. Transport is an important Services Sector Department. This is also a revenue earning department of the government.

Smooth movement of goods and hassle free public and private transport system is one of the key functions of the state. Better transport system acts not only as catalyst for growth, but also provides employment to many. Therefore, this department regulates various matters related to vehicles and transport of goods from one place to another. It encourages various forms of public and private transport by effectively regulating it for safer road and transport system and services.




Roads and transport contribute to the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of the district and the state. Road and transport are basic infrastructures. In recent times, there is explosion of traffic at tremendous speed. Hence, strengthening of the road and transport infrastructure is essential features of the state, for which the Transport Department is concerned about.
With the growth of the state and districts, there is corresponding increase in various road networks, National, State and village road networks. Road network is an important feature connecting the villages with the blocks and then to the district and state headquarters. Good road networks contribute for the growth of the vehicle and transport sector. This also helps in the faster movements of good and materials from one location to other areas. For instance, a good transport contributes towards faster movements of grains, food materials, vegetables, forest products and consumer goods.
Transport is an essential service. The people are depending on their movements from one place to another. Good transport system contributes the supply of labourers and skilled human resources from one place to another. Thus, it is a good stimulus for economic and social development of the district.
Connected with the transport, ensuring and security of the passengers is an important feature of road and transport. Given this, we need a regulator to ensure basic standards of transport with safety features for the use of vehicles and transport of passengers and goods. Therefore, the Transport Department is created to regulate various modes of transport keeping in view of greater public interest involved.


What we do


1.Promote road infrastructure for transport of goods and passengers.
2. Promote public transport and provide quality transport services.
3.Promote modern, environment and eco-friendly, energy efficient surface transport.
4.Promote road safety and modern traffic management.

The department is responsible for implementation of Motor Vehicle Act and its Rule in Latehar district.

State Schemes of Transport Department


 Through the Transport Department, the following schemes are undertaken.

Check Post

For effective collection of tax and provide other service facilities, scheme for installation of check posts on inter-state border was initiated. These check posts serve to prevent tax evasion and also serve as revenue collection point. This is also checking clandestine and illegal vehicle movement. Government is in the process to set up of automated check post to speed up the functioning of transport department check-posts.
Government  has also set up temporary Check Post with 24 x 7 hours to stop over loading and prevent evasion of taxes.

Building Construction & Repair

Majority of the Transport Offices are being run in old government premises. Therefore, government has planned to refurbish and improve the existing buildings of District Transport Office (DTO) .

Computerisation of Transport Offices

Under the schemes of total computerization of Transport Offices, government is in the process to computerise District Transport Office (DTO). The DTO is equipped with latest computer systems to speed up the functions of the DTO.

Purchase of Vehicles

For the speedy collection of revenue and implementation of provision of the Motor Vehicle Act/Rule effectively, government provides vehicles to all DTO's and Enforcement Officers. This is intended to accelerate the legal enforcement of Motor Vehicle Act and rules in the district.

Printing of form/Challans /Tokens

Under the schemes, printing of form/challans/token for collection of revenue and issuing different permit formats such as Temporary Permit/Permanent Permit/ computerised Tax token/manual tax token, manual money receipts /computerised money receipts, Paraptra - L1, Paraptra - L2, Paraptra P.R. has been introduced for
the collection of revenue and issuing different stage carriage permits.

Improvement of roads
There is an emergent need to strengthen and widen the existing roads network. For this, there is a plan to connect all district head quarters with the state capital, Ranchi by well-laid two lane roads. This will require widening and strengthening of roads. It is also proposed to connect various districts by two lane roads. All inter-state highways will be strengthened and double lane road is part of the plan.
In order to boost tourism, government has planned to connect various tourist locations such as Netarhat by two lane roads. There is also plan to add new roads to the existing road network of State Highways. These roads would be strengthened and widened.
It is proposed to widen and strengthen the Naxal affected roads on priority basis to provide smooth administrative functioning and to further developmental programs of such areas.





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