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Who we are


The Department of Statistics is entrusted with the responsibility of collection, compilation, tabulation and analysis of various types of statistical data required by the district. Various types of Statistics collected by the district are-agriculture statistics, district income, vital statistics, price and other socio-economic statistics. Statistics wing is also assigned with the work of registration of births and death.  This department also undertakes the task of collecting most of the official statistics required by the State and Central governments. It is also charged with the responsibility of co-ordination of the statistics activities at the district level and of keeping liaison with the State Department.




Statistics plays a vital role in plan formulation, implementation of schemes and assessment of results. It provides the required data base for all the Departments of the district for making its own plan. Similarly, for the purpose of planning, the state requires different types of data. Therefore, collection, analysis and compilation of data is very important as well as a key input for effective planning and assessment of the impacts of government interventions.

Keeping in view of it, the Statistics Department was created as part of the Collectorate of the district for coordination of statistical activities for maintaining statistical standards


What we do


The broader functions of the District Statistical Office are:

  • To collect vital statistics for the district.
  • Compile statistic required for the district
  • Consolidate the statistics of the district
  • Disseminate important statistical information pertaining to the economy of the district
  • Conduct socio-economic surveys as per needs of the district and state.

The specific functions are listed below.

  • Conduct the crop survey of the district, block and gram panchayat levels. The estimates of yield rate as well as production of all major crops.
  • Bring out District/ Block level for publication of District Statistical Handbook/abstract.
  • Collect price data from selected markets for both bazaar and non-bazar items/commodities on a regular basis for the purpose of construction of Consumer Price Index Numbers.
  • Conduct Socio-Economic Surveys on matching sample basis with the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), Government of India.
  • Collect rain fall data which is needed to monitor flood and drought situation as well as crop prospect in the District.  The relevant data are collected through the rain-gauges installed at different places especially at different block headquarters.
  • It is planned  to impart training of one woman and one male member of every panchayat as climate risk managers well versed in data collection and interpretation who will assist the farmers to take timely location specific decisions.

Who is responsible for the District?
The Statistics Department is headed by the Statistical Officer. At present Mr.Chandrawesswar Munsi is heading this department. The Officer is accountable to DC.






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