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Who we are


The Information and Public Relations Department is bearing the responsibility of carrying the message of the Government to the people. It was also created to keep the government informed of the public responses and reactions about the government schemes. This department plays the role of two way traffic system, in which, it facilitates the government by way of publicising various government schemes, as well as sharing the public concerns and issues of government.
This Department plays a key role in the development process by ensuring the people get information about the government and the development schemes. Its role is to educative and to raise awareness about various functions of the government for the purpose of securing citizen’s active participation and co-operation in the development and welfare activities of the government. The department serves as a  change agent in catalyzing growth and development by providing accurate and timely information to the people.



Providing information to the public and citizen is an important function of the state and district administration. Right to information is now a basic right of the citizen. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of the state to provide and share information on various schemes, laws and schemes for the benefits of the citizens.
Government has evolved many policies, schemes and laws keeping in view of the needs of the citizens. Due to the lack of access to information, citizens living in the nook and corner of the districts were not able to know the policies and schemes of the government.  In this electronic era, media plays a key role in bridging the information gaps between the government and the people. Knowing this, this department was created by the government to deploy multi-media services to disseminate various government schemes and services.

What we do


Through the Department, the following schemes have been undertaken.

Field publicity vehicle scheme : Under this scheme, provision of one vehicle  per district for promoting publicity of government scheme is planned to play effective role in publicising government

schemes to make it reaching to the masses.

Strengthening of District units: It is planned to strengthen field publicity units by providing them modern publicity equipments. It is also planned to set up one Soochana Kendra (Information Centre) per district. Under this on-going scheme construction of Suchana Bhawans have been initiated at District Headquarters.


It is planned to produce documentary films regarding welfare schemes and achievements of the Government. It is also proposed to produce a documentary films on the life and culture of the tribes. Under this scheme the Department publicises Government policies and programmes through films and electronic channels.

Fairs, Exhibitions and Conducted Tours for Journalists

The government has been organizing fairs and exhibitions aimed at publicising Govt. programmes and policies. It is also conducting intra-State and extra-State domestic tours for journalists.

Purchase of T.V. Sets, Mikes & Computers .

The Government had started a scheme to provide TV Sets in Panchayat Bhawans and Community Halls as well as some select Government schools. Apart from TV sets, public address systems, LCDs and computer sets are also to be procured under this scheme.

Construction & Publication of Flexes, Hoardings, Pamphlets, Posters and Brochures

For dissemination of messages on government schemes through the various mediums of field publicity, government has been engaged in publicising the schemes through flexes, hoardings, Pamphlets, posters, brochures etc.

Song & Drama

This is a scheme to publicise government schemes through the means of songs and drama.

Display Advertisements

Under this scheme, government has been displaying advertisements to generate awareness among the masses about the policies/programmes of the Government. Out of this amount 10% at least will be earmarked for local/tribal languages.

Seminars, Symposia, Workshops for Departmental Officials

For updating on the latest technological advances and for upgrading their competence, the department proposes regular capacity building interventions for the officials of the Department.

Scholarship for Mass Communications

For the students of Jharkhand, pursuing studies in reputed mass communication centres in the country, it is proposed scheme, to subsidize their tuition fees by up to 50% and 25% for ST/SC and general students respectively. This assistance will be confined only to the students studying in the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi and Dhengkanal, Mass Communications Institute, Jamia Milia, Delhi, Film & Television Institute, Pune, Satayajit Ray Film Institute, Kolkata and National School of Drama, Delhi.

Community Radio Programme

It is proposed to avail of this facility and to establish as many community radio centers in this State as feasible so as the masses living in the remote area benefit from localized radio programmes.

Award Scheme for Development Stories

It is proposed to encourage constructive journalism by awarding select journalists who have published stories regarding development at district and State levels.

Who is heading this department?


The department is headed by District Public Relation Officer  






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