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Who we are


Jharkhand is a mineral rich state endowed with 38% mineral resources of the country. It holds an important position on the mineral map of the country owing to its geological and geo-morphological configuration. There are more than 30 types of minerals in this state spread over an area of 79,714 square km. Latehar district in Jharkhand is one of the mineral rich districts.

There is immense possibility of establishment and development of mineral based industries in the district. The richness of the district and the socio–economic development of the entire district, largely depend on the scientific exploration and judicious utilization of the mineral resources of the district. Several Steel industries, thermal power generation units and aluminium plant are based on iron, coal and bauxite available in the District/state. Therefore, the mining department at the district level was established to explore various minerals, regulate mining and to generate income from mineral exploitation.   



As stated earlier, there are many minerals available in Jharkhand and Latehar. For instance, there are coal bed methane, rare earth minerals, precious and semi precious mineral which requires immediate attention for investigation and exploration. The district must utilize, consume and conserve its treasure for the well being of its citizens in the district.

Jharkhand in general and Latehar in particular have a variety of mineral resources, both major and minor minerals available for various uses and applications. Therefore, it is obligatory on the part of the state and district to regulate and administer the business of mines and minerals, granting mineral concession, collecting revenue through minerals, development of mines, establishment of mineral based industries, mineral conservation and mine closure for sustainable development. This department was created to harmonise and to carry out the above mentioned tasks.


What we do


The main objective of the Department of Mines is revenue collection, the scientific exploration, development and utilization of the mineral resources for which the Department is committed and putting its consistent effort. The main functions of the Mines & Geology Department are :

  • To regulate and administer the business of mines and minerals.
  • Granting Mineral Concessions.
  • Collecting revenue through minerals.
  • Development of Mines, establishment of mineral-based industries
  • Mineral Conservation
  • Mine closure

The District Mining Offices carry out its work through Mines and Mineral (Department and Regulation) Act, 1957 and The Mineral Concession Rules,1960 for major minerals. For minor minerals, Jharkhand Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 2004 has been promulgated. Through the mining department, the following mining related tasks were carried out.

  • Carried out geological investigation works for the exploration of the district.
  • Preparation of composite map of mineral resources available in the district to assess the mineral reserves/deposits in the district.
  • Conducted geological investigation and drilling for the exploration of coal in the Auranga Coal field of Jalta- Parsahi area of Latehar district through M/s J.S.M.D.C. Ltd.
  • Demarcating and plotting the important minerals in the district.
  • Creation and up-gradation of mineral data base so that it can be provided to the industrialists/entrepreneurs in time.
  • Up-gradation and strengthening of the Remote Sensing Centre so that the areas of illegal mining can be identified easily.
  • Printing of Transit Challans to check illegal transportation of minerals.
  • Attract investors for establishing mineral based industries in the district through popularising the minerals in the district to the potential investors.
  • Computations and management of the revenue collection.

Who is responsible for the Mining Department?


District Mining Officer located at Latehar is heading the Mining Department under the administrative control of the Deputy Commissioner.  They are assisted by Inspectors and Clerks






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